Sunday, January 19, 2014

Smoothies in Southie? Sure Why Not.

I wake up Sunday and there are two things I want to do: buy new pillows at West Elm and get a smoothie at Nourish Your Soul. West Elm is in Fenway; Nourish Your Soul is in Southie. Not a great plan. But I do it anyway.

I go to West Elm and buy all of the pillows and then my pillows and I get back on the T. I get off at Broadway and walk to Nourish Your Soul. It's pretty funny walking through Southie on a Pats game day. Everyone is carrying thirty racks or going into the bars and I'm all, "Hey guys! I got pillows! And I'm here for the smoothies!" (I'm hilarious.)

Nourish Your Soul is not exactly central, but it's right across the street from Rue La La headquarters and adjacent to The Club, so the location does make sense I guess. It's a super new, super modern space and one whole wall is glass, overlooking the boxing rings in The Club. This makes for some pretty good people-watching.

To my (admittedly) untrained eye, I don't see sugar all over the menu. I love Life Alive and Blue Shirt Cafe, but so many of their smoothies have sorbet or coconut ice cream in them. I'm all game for non-dairy ice cream and I'm definitely game for dessert, but I don't want a ton of sugar in my smoothies. Smoothies are smoothies and desserts are desserts and I would really like to keep it that way.

I know I should order the Green Glow smoothie (because... spinach), but I get the Chocolate Almond Butter Smoothie instead (dates, almonds, banana, almond butter, cacao, sea salt, and filtered water). Heads up: juices and smoothies are $10 a piece (well, $9.99), so a drink is a commitment. Good thing I like my smoothie. What I really like is that I can taste the almonds.

I also picked up a bottle of cashew milk (for smoothies at home?) and a bottle of Chilmark Coffee Company cold brewed coffee (for my caffeine addiction).

Pillows. And bottles. And I need to stop shopping.

I get on the T with Pats fan headed to the bars and, all the way downtown, their cases of beer are rattling and clinking. And then there's me. Chilling with my pillows and cashew milk. Yup.

P.S. Go Pats!

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