Sunday, August 10, 2014

Highlights, High Fives, and Volume on High

The week is over. Let's recap.

Started Monday with the November Project. Casual 8 mile run, 5 minutes of wall jumps and planks, 7 minutes of burpees. BG said to be impressive. I think we nailed it.

I also nailed my shin. See that wall below? I left some skin there. It's cool. No tears allowed. Just high fives and good vibes.

Bought these Lululemon tights. Black mesh panels? Come at me. I will wear them to yoga and I will wear them to the office (yup).

Walked Memorial Drive to Meadhall. 7:30pm looked phenomenal. Boston, you are phenomenal.

Ate hyper-local kale (ugh I feel pretentious just typing that, ugh I'm the worst) at The Sinclair with new friends.

And found this remix. Very much a summer Sunday long run jam. 10 miles down, volume up.


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