Friday, January 24, 2014


Today started at 7am. Well actually it started at 6:20 when the alarm went off, but really I think it started at 7 when L and I went to spin class at Recycle Studio. If you didn't start your day with dance remixes of Ellie Goulding... well you should have.

The rest of the day? It was cool. Ya know. Work. Getting things done. I spent a big part of the afternoon switching between working and trying to register for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon. Last year, I fell in love with Vancouver and I PR'ed at SeaWheeze. This year, I want to have a little rendez-vous with Vancouver and I want to PR again. That's the plan. That is, if I can get a spot. (The registration site crashed today. Twitter and Facebook exploded with Lululemon smack-talking. Hopefully the site is back up tomorrow. Fingers crossed.)

TBT to sunset yoga at Kits Beach. Just another reason to go back to VanCity.

And at the end of the day, when drink plans fell through, L and I went to get pho at Pho Pasteur. Any day I get to see L twice is a very good day indeed. I detoured through the park and, oh Boston, if you're trying to make me love you more, you're doing a great job. Boston, I love you in the sun and in the snow. I love you forever and ever. (And I love pho too.)

Today was a great Thursday.

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