Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Cup Is Half Full

B gave me a bag of homemade trail mix last weekend (Shout-out to B!). Delicious trail mix, which I put in my purse and totally forgot about. Until tonight, when I was walking home from dinner out and reached in my purse for my keys. Rather than my keys, I pulled out a walnut. I was all confused and then I realized what had happened and looked down in my purse and OH MY GOD THERE ARE DRIED CHERRIES AND COCONUT FLAKES EVERYWHERE.

Or last Sunday. I had big plans for Sunday. And then I woke up with food poisoning. And threw up for five hours straight. I am confident that I would have died if not for two angels of mercy who brought over ginger ale, soup, and anti-nausea meds. Thank you, angels of mercy! I'm sorry that you had to see me half-naked and scary pale.

I banged up my knee this week. I banged it up real good. Somewhere between sprints and yoga and circuits and treadmill workouts, my knee decided to take part in the government shutdown and go on furlough in solidarity. It hurts super bad. And I lent my foam roller to B, so the one time I really need it, I don't have it. Come back to me, foam roller! Come home!

But really, what am I going to do other than laugh it off? In the case of food poisoning, drink ginger ale (actually in the case of food poisoning, send out a SOS text message and have Listerine and ginger ale brought to you). In the case of a knee injury, ice it. Because life, especially daily life, is made up of a million moments - good, bad, and otherwise. And where I'm at right now means that I want to love the good and tell funny stories about the bad and appreciate everything else.

Like fall and Boston and afternoon sunshine. The bum knee and the food poisoning can't take anything away from that.

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