Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Love is Mine

E and I walk into Life Alive. We've just come from working out at a gym with a turf floor and I say to E, "I smell like turf." All those planks and sit-ups on the turf? Yeah. People in line turn around and look at us. What can I say. We work out hard.

We order our food - the Goddess bowl and the Love Alive smoothie for me - and we find two spots at a communal table downstairs. Our bowls come first and we dig in. When our smoothies arrive, the food runner asks, "Who had the Chai and who had the Love?" I look up and say, "I have the Love."

I realize just a split second later what a perfectly lovely phrase that is. And it's true.

There are too many blessings in my life to even begin to count. People, opportunities, places, and events have woven together to create something magical. And when you realize how you want to live the rest of your life, you want the rest of your life to begin as soon as possible. So I wake up everyday with enormous gratitude and excitement. I feel so fortunate for this day and every day and all days to come.

We sit there and eat our brown rice and veggies. E fills a Mason jar with hot sauce and then eats it all (well done, E!). E gets a take-out salad for J and we crack it open just to steal a bite of hummus (sorry, J!).

E suggests frozen yogurt, so we detour to Toscanini. E goes right for the Goat Cheese Brownie and I have a scoop of the White Russian, because I realized a few months ago how much I really do like White Russians. So I may have had the Love, but I have the booze too. 

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  1. Gorgeous post! Love + boozy ice cream + a great workout = little moments of bliss that make life worth living.