Thursday, December 20, 2012

What 2012 brought to me

Incredible opportunities. Fascinating, kind, accomplished, hilarious, smart people and new friends (There aren't enough adjectives in the world to describe these people). Exposure to the kinds of people and opportunities that help me to define the kind of person that I want to be and that challenge me to become that person. Moments when I had an out-of-body experience, looked around, and literally could not believe my good luck. 

Growing pains. Hard lessons learned. Too much loss. Reminders that I can stay the course, both for myself and for those in my life.

A dance-off (I won). A scar on my hip from a freak Frisbee accident. Four passport stamps. Three broken pairs of aviator sunglasses (This is why I can't have nice things). Long road trips and short weekends away. Puppy fever... in a bad way. Two weddings, two purple dresses. A phenomenal tan from summer days at Revere Beach. Two five mile races and one half marathon... and two personal records. One short (very short!) dress for New Year's Eve.

How will I close out 2012? By working and playing and (always) running. By living and celebrating with those I love best. With absolutely no fear and with total authenticity. With great gratitude for this year and great hope for the next.

So, let's dance the rest of 2012 out and usher 2013 in. I'll be dancing to this.

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