Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Adventures with JJ

JJ and I have the best lunches. What happens during these lunches? The more appropriate question is, “What doesn’t happen?” Because we will look at each other and ask, “What should we do next?” And then we go on an adventure.

We went to Volle Nolle in the North End last week. I read a review in Martha Stewart Living (June 2012)... The gorgeous full-page photo of the smoked salmon sandwich got my attention.

Martha clearly knows what’s up. Because the sandwiches at Volle Nolle are phenomenal. My sandwich: smoked salmon, baby spinach, cucumbers, and caper mayonnaise on French bread, rather than the usual 7-grain. It was the best thing I’ve eaten in a while, without a doubt.

Volle Nolle is not the cliched North End restaurant serving up pasta with red sauce: It’s a tiny café with blackboard menus, metal chairs, and big windows looking out on Hanover Street. And the sandwiches are all topped with cute, little cornichons. JJ approved. We want to go back and try one of the cheese plates (available only after 4pm).


And then we set off in search of the best bakery in the North End. In the process, we accidentally joined a tour group. Oops. 

And this week? We went to Sam LaGrassa's. We sat at the long communal table and stared in awe at our sandwiches. They. Were. Huge. I had the Chicken Classic (hold the Russian dressing); JJ had the tuna melt. No cornichons here; just one big deli pickle.

What did we do next? We went to the birthplace of the Boston Cream Pie. We found the most comfortable leather couch in The Last Hurrah at the Omni Parker House, shared one piece of Boston Cream Pie, and ordered Cork Street Coffee, spiked with Bailey’s and Frangelico. Two and half hours later, we decided it might be time to go.

I can’t wait to see what we do next week.


  1. Wonderful! Makes me wish I had a footloose lunch friend--no telling what adventures we'd get up to, even in a town where I'm not sure they've heard of Irish coffee...

  2. well this certainly merits a visit, too. so much to do!