Sunday, June 19, 2011

Brunch There and Here

Last Sunday, M and I were brunching.

It took three tries to get a table at Balthazar. I called the day before – no reservations available. I walked into Balthazar and the hostess suggested using the house phone to ring the main reservation desk – no availability. I called the morning of – we were rewarded with a 12pm table.

New York is a city that brunches.  

Coffee was a no-brainer. M lived large with oysters. I stuck to breakfast food: sour cream and hazelnut waffles with warm berries and crème fraiche. Kudos to Balthazar for pairing crème fraiche, rather than whipped cream, with the sweet, syrupy berries. 

And I’ve been thinking about brunch ever since. E and I texted back and forth all week and pooled the resources of our two kitchens. What can we make?

Baked eggs. And pancakes too. 

This morning, E arrived with four eggs and two ramekins in her purse. I educated myself on pancake recipes and, inspired by the pancakes at the Friendly Toast, stirred coconut flakes and chocolate chips into the batter. And, don't worry, I didn't forget the bananas. Standing guard over the stove, we pressed banana slices into the batter and watched as the pancakes developed the golden-brown color that means they're ready. 

Time to brunch... in my kitchen. 


  1. Please, please give us the pancake recipe! They sound so delicious especially with the coconut flakes. Tell E that any girl who can travel with 4 eggs and 2 ramekins in her purse is incroyable--surely ready for anything!

  2. thanks for the recipe request! i will post it soon. and i agree -- i was very impressed with E. she practically had a whole kitchen in her purse!

  3. yummmm!! the photography is beautiful!!!