Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Went to Buenos Aires and Came Back with a Buddha

It's funny what we do when we return from a trip.

Door to door, the trip home was nineteen hours. And it involved a gruesome overnight flight. I should have gone to bed and stayed there.

But, a few hours later, I was at yoga class. 75 minutes of flow yoga sounded just right.

The next day, I painted my nails Sugar Daddy pink and found a place on my desk for Buddha.

Yes, Buddha. I went to Buenos Aires and came back with a small, gold-plated laughing Buddha. He's chubby and has skinny eyebrows. Perfect.

You see, Buddha is hot in Palermo. I mean, Buddha is always popular.

But, right now, Buddha is everywhere.

He's on the bar at Green Bamboo...

In shop windows...

And on a small stand by the Jardin Botanico. This Buddha came home with me.

And after 19 hours, he's well-traveled too. 

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  1. Ooooo! I want them all for my personal Buddha Bar. Fun post, nice pix.