Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Best 6 Minutes of My Day

YouTube, aka my personal DJ, is home to some of the most amazing remixes. This remix of Ray Charles' I Got A Woman and Kanye's Gold Digger made me do some pirouettes and also some really bad pop-and-locking.

A little impromptou dance happens pretty often around here. I'm not one to free-style yoga... ever. But this changed my mind:

First, natarajasana (dancer pose).

Next up, my favorite: vrksasana (tree pose). I can almost hear the voice of my instructor: "Spread your branches!" Well, never mind about the branches. But I'm looking for a challenge, so I extend both arms and move my gaze upwards.

Just because I like a pretzel, I try garudasana (eagle pose). It's one of the only poses that forces this type A personality to just. stop. thinking. I move my intertwined arms away from my forehead and breathe. And, when I fall out of the pose and keel over, my only thought is, "Let's try that again." This time, it takes.

With thirty seconds left, I re-group. Tadasana (mountain pose).

Give it a try. Or, better yet, remix it.


  1. thanks for the recommendation! i love vidtomp3.com... makes my life so much easier.

    i miss yoga, and general movement. my back wants a good stretch so bad. :(