Thursday, October 10, 2013


I'm in the middle of one of those afternoons when I sort of think that I'm getting things done, but my to-do list is actually not getting any smaller. And, suddenly, I'm all WHOAH. It is almost 4pm, which means Thursday is almost over. And Thursday is almost the weekend, so this week is almost over and October is flying by and have you thought about 2014 yet?

Yup. 2014.

Well, that was a wake-up call. (Or a slap in the face.. take your pick). I got SUPER focused and SUPER productive and, all of a sudden, I got projects moving, I got weekend plans, I got January deadlines, and I got a list of plane tickets to buy and races to sign up for.

Some people call this crazy. I call this Thursday.

This came in the mail. Relevant, I think.

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