Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Boston Strong

Tonight, I sat on my couch, refreshed ESPN, and scrolled through tweets (I don't have cable TV). When the Sox won, I got a little teary. The last time I sat on my couch and cried for Boston was the afternoon of the Boston Marathon bombings. This time, I'm just exceptionally happy for Boston.

I hear helicopters over Boston. I'm guessing that they are from local media outlets. The last time I heard this many helicopters was the day of the citywide lockdown. This time, we're celebrating.

Boston is its own species of city and we Bostonians are our own species of human being. We were always proud, always stubborn, always tough. But now? Proud doesn't even begin to describe it. We've had a hell of a year and, now, here we are with another World Series championship.

Boston Strong, tonight and every night.

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