Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Summer in March

It’s been a string of perfect, sunshine-y, summery days here in Boston. Days when the biggest problem is picking out which sundress to wear. And where to go for outdoor cocktails.

I like these kinds of problems.

All of a sudden, Boston is alive and giddy. Everyone is coming out of hibernation, so it’s been the best kind of busy. Dinners in the North End, tennis games and iced coffee, roof deck brunches, impromptu trips to the beach, birthday parties.

It's much too early for spring to have sprung... much less summer. It might get chilly again. It will probably get chilly again. It is Boston, after all. But, even if it does, we will still have had these perfect days, this perfect March.

So, I will put on my new sundress and my aviators and I'll pretend like this weather will last forever.

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