Thursday, August 11, 2011

Champagne on the Common

At 6:20, I walk into Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.

At 6:45, I walk out, having custom-ordered a new sofa. That's what I call getting things done.

I chose a slate grey abstract print. It's going to look phenomenal. I can't wait.

And by 8, L, E, and I are sprawled out on Boston Common. We have three blankets and burritos. E brought a bottle of champagne and the rest of her frozen fudge birthday cake. We're here to see All's Well That Ends Well at Shakespeare on the Common.

But Shakespeare doesn't have a chance. Because we eat the cake and E opens up the champagne (as discreetly as possible of course, because we don't really want to get arrested). And we lie on our stomachs in a circle and catch up. It's like a slumber party. With champagne. Under the stars. We plan out the rest of our summer -- tennis games and rooftop cocktail parties -- and Shakespeare provides a little ambiance.

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