Friday, August 19, 2011


My hands. They are raw from ripping open boxes and using a screwdriver.

A bottle of Grey Goose. It's tragic, really. The cork popped out en route to my new apartment and the entire bottle leaked. But L brought over a new bottle as a gift. Sometimes, L is psychic.

My coffee press. It was sitting on the edge of the sink. And then it leapt to its death. And broke in a million pieces. This was not okay, because being highly caffeinated is not a choice but a necessity when you're staying up until 2am assembling furniture. Three nights in a row. Ow.

But the casualties are worth it. I look up from my coffee table -- champagne flutes and cupcakes split four ways -- and at the three people sitting around the table. And I wonder how I got here and why I'm so lucky. And I realize this is how it was always meant to be. I just didn't know it for a really long time. 

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  1. Moving is so hard, but when the new abode already has cupcakes, flowers and friends, it's definitely worth it. Can't wait to rise a glass of champagne--and see photos!