Monday, July 18, 2011

Frosting Gone Wrong

I was born without certain genes. I can't whistle or snap my fingers. I can't fold clothes nicely.

I can't frost cupcakes. I can make cupcakes. I can make frosting. But I can't frost cupcakes.

I'm trying to pipe chilled chocolate ganache -- made only with 60% dark chocolate and heavy cream -- onto chocolate cupcakes and it's just going everywhere. I've googled "how to make a pastry bag out of parchment paper" and I go through about half of a roll.

I give up. I forgo traditional swirls and go for abstraction. I push my finger through the pastry tip to see what comes out. Kind of like throwing paint across a canvas.

The result? My cupcakes have uneven (sometimes spiky...) halos of frosting.

There's icing on the refrigerator, on the salt and pepper shakers, on the floor, on me. I picked the wrong day to wear khakis. Tomorrow is laundry day, for sure.

And then I had a side of cupcake with my icing. For dinner.


  1. They really don't look bad at all! And side of cupcake with icing sounds delicious!

  2. Thanks! I'd love to take a class on frosting/cupcake decorating.

    It was totally a balanced dinner... carbs, dairy, and chocolate :)