Thursday, June 9, 2011

On the Rocks

I'm achy and my knees feel wonky and the bones of my feet hurt. So I'm officially in "hurry up and get better" mode before Saturday's race.

My piriformis muscles are tight too, so I ate breakfast today while sitting on a baggie of ice. It was sort of like sitting in a booster seat. A really cold booster seat.

And, after work, I walked in a liquor store, saw big bags of ice, and thought, "Ooh! I should ice my knees!" A normal reaction would have been "Ooh! Frozen margaritas tonight!"

Running is never too far from my mind.

I've actually sat in airports and iced sports injuries. One time, faced with a two hour delay, I convinced a Starbucks barista to fill up a massive shopping bag with ice. I waited out the delay by icing my ankle (a painful spinning class injury), eating M&M's, and reading Dennis Lehane. An excellent use of two hours.

I spend a lot of time on foam rolling, icing, and physical therapy. You've heard of high maintenance women. Well, I'm a high maintenance runner.

So, I now have a $1.75 plastic bag of ice from the liquor store in my freezer. Everyone will be disappointed when I tell them what it's for. Hint: there's no tequila involved.

The only one enjoying the cocktail ice will be my knees.

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