Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Last Three Hours Have Been Mayhem

The Red Sox are playing, the streets are jammed, there's a tornado watch all over the Northeast, and I'm moving into a new apartment.

Oh yes. True story. 

There was also a 45 minute wait for a U-Haul. And then trying all the keys to my storage unit and forking over $10 to have the lock cut off when none of the keys worked. 

And now I can't find the screws to bolt the headboard to the bed frame. On the other hand, I've successfully located a lifetime supply of Swiffer cloths and a lot of pennies. 

Oh yes. Also a true story. 

Did I ever tell you I'm psychic? I see.... dark chocolate in my future. Specifically, that $12 bar of Mast Brothers chocolate. Oh yes.

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