Friday, June 17, 2011

Best of Boston... or Not

Looking over the results of the 2011 Zagat survey for best restaurants in Boston, I feel a little conflicted.

Because it's so many of the usual suspects. O Ya? Sorellina? Really? Again?

And maybe it was an off-night or the entree I ordered, but Craigie on Main and Oleana were both, well, unmemorable -- A radical statement, I know. I'm now a heretic in the eyes of all Cambridge foodies.

Granted, I do really want to go to Menton. As far as I'm concerned, Barbara Lynch can do no wrong. And Neptune Oyster deserves to be on the Zagat list without a doubt -- the North End Cioppino is one of the best things I've ever eaten in Boston and that's why I keep going back for more.

But, you know what, overall there's nothing really fun about the Zagat list.

On the other hand, when Anthony Bourdain visits Boston for a recent episode of his show No Reservations, he says right upfront, "This is not the best of Boston, or what you need to know about Boston." Instead, he and his friend Mike dig into massive lobster rolls and go drinking in Southie (At one point he sort of slurs, "Drinking in Boston is fun!" Yes, it is.).

I'm tired of the "best." So here's the question -- where do you go that has good food and is just fun?


  1. yOU ARE SPOT ON. The list is not very good at all. There are very few top restaurants in boston but this list does not capture the few. The best of lynch is not on it: and the fancy Lynch,not as good as her middle brow joints, simply is not worth the money. it has always been a challenging town foodwise; nothing change. the neither the critics nor the zagats are helping the situation. but we are glad they captured neptune oyster

  2. I agree -- We need to go beyond the obvious in Boston. I'm interested in finding some new places to eat! Though, that said, I will never complain about Neptune Oyster.